The Newark LGBTQ Community Center

 Love Matters to US!

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February is a month that invites ALL of us to take notice and acknowledge the unconditional LOVE of people in our culture, our families and our community.  People are at the heart of the matter and without LOVE, we risk the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of one another.  At the Newark LGBTQ Community Center,  we LOVE and honor the culture, heritage and diversity of the women and men in our LGBTQ community, in Newark and around the world!

If LOVE matters to you, we challenge you, this February, to share LOVE with someone, regardless of race, sexual orientation, identity and gender expression.  It is this kind of LOVE that we ALL need this month and throughout the year!  Stop by the Center this month and enjoy the safety of  LOVE  & community.DSC_1204PandoraScooterPic1NLGBTQAnniversaryPic1