Newark LGBTQ Community Center

We Stand With Orlando


A Statement from the Newark LGBTQ Community Center June 13, 2016

We woke up again with disbelief yesterday morning to the events that occurred early Sunday morning in Orlando, Florida at the gay nightclub Pulse.  We mourn the deaths of fifty of our family members. We pray for recovery of those who survived and for solace for the loved ones of those taken from us far too soon. We yearn to understand why this happened knowing we may never have our questions answered. We hope you will join us today, June 13, 2016, at Newark City Hall at 6:00pm for a vigil of remembrance and commemoration for those lives lost.

Their lives will not be forgotten.  We will remember them, and we will speak their names. We are told that this massacre will be recorded as the largest mass killing by gun in our history as a country.  While this may be true, we also know that our story as an LGBTQ community has been marked by the terror of intolerance, violence, and hatred since its earliest days. We remember the name of a young lesbian Sakia Gunn who was murdered on the streets of Newark for refusing the advances of a m

We have not forgotten the thousands of victims and survivors of hate crimes each year against members of our family.  We have not forgotten the over 200 anti-LGBTQ laws that have been proposed or enacted in states across this country in this year alone.

Terror from intolerance, violence, and hatred is not something unusual for our community—it is something for which we are ever vigilant. This is why we struggle each and every single day we seek to ensure that our community has a home because we know the truth: safe spaces save lives, and the other men and women killed due to anti-gay sentiment.