Newark LGBTQ Community Center

June 30 – Give Out Day for LGBTQ organizations!

JUNE 30TH  – NATIONAL GIVE OUT DAY! – Help the Center to continue the work and remain one of Newark’s only safe spaces for LGBTQ people!

Dr. Martin Luther King said – “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”. At no time in my lifetime  – is the work of the numerous LGBTQ organizations fighting for justice more important. This is especially true for those serving Black, Afro-Latinx, and Latinx people.  As we march together as one humanity, we are marching in the streets of America, Newark, all over the world – to bend the arc of justice so that all people’s lives are valued. It is time to permanently take the knee of injustice off the necks of those who have suffered with dual systems of justice and rights – and are dying in the streets.

Please take part in GIVE OUT Day on June 30, 2020. This is the only national day of giving for the LGBTQ community. Your donations enable hundreds of LGBTQ nonprofits across all of the United States and in Puerto Rico to raise money for the important work for creating safe spaces for LGBTQ+ people, offering direct services that support health and wellness, and fighting the cause of justice – especially for Trans people and Trans people of color.

Newark, New Jersey, the world  – we are calling on you to support the Newark LGBTQ Community Center on June 30th with a donation to help support operations and help us to maintain a safe space – so that we can serve our community’s needs.

Just this week – we have been called to advocate for a Black Trans woman whose family is calling for justice for the death of her daughter on a Newark Street.  As we work through the details of what happened – we need your support so that this family can have the legal, social, and emotional support they need. We are a volunteer run organization that depends on the support of invested people like you.

We are planning virtual events as we anticipate the reopening of our Newark Library office and resource center. Newark Pride will see the center participate in a family book event, host a discussion of a book by a new LGBTQ author, and work with Newark Pride and the Newark Museum to host Pride events for Newark and greater New Jersey members.

We cannot survive without you and as we live in this critical time – and as we work to bend the arc of justice  – as we march with our brothers and sisters for justice   –  for Black Lives – Black and Latinx Trans lives – we cannot stop fighting until we are all free from violence, racism, genderism –and on and on.

Won’t you help us by supporting your local Newark LGBTQ Community Center. Look out for our volunteer chat and chew on July 7th – we would love your involvement as well as your financial support.

Thank you on behalf of the board, volunteers, and the people we serve.

Beatrice Simpkins, ED