Newark LGBTQ Community Center

Meditation Program



12:00pm – 12:45pm

 with Shalina Joy

Newark LGBTQ Community Center

1st Floor, Resource Room

Cost: $10

Starting on NOVEMBER 2, 2019, the Newark LGBTQ Community Center will include another component to its wellness activities by offering Guided Meditation following the Yoga class. Join us for this healing exercise which can help improve mind, body, and spirit.

Come out and participate in the wellness programs of the LGBTQ Community Center. Each session is only $10.00, a donation that will help provide support to keep the center open as a Safe Space, offering the community what it needs to live authentically and improve overall health and well-being. Look out for more programs and activities coming up to bring a variety of health, exercise, and healing arts in a safe space where all are welcomed and honored!

About Shalina Joy aka “Joy”

Joy is a certified Shamanic Reiki Master, Spiritual Diviner, and Holistic Healer who specializes in energy medicine and spiritual healing of the whole self – body, heart, mind, and spirit. She is the owner of The Angel Haven, Inc, a spiritual healing and wellness center located in Newark, NJ.  The Angel Haven provides a safe space for seekers of holistic health and wellness, emotional stability, spiritual growth, and the harmonious transformation of mind and body.  The Angel Haven services enable clients to utilize life and healing practices that consider the body, mind, spirit, and emotions in order to seek out their individual authenticity and connection to spirit and to gain balance in life.


  • lower levels of stress,
  • reduce physical and emotional pain,
  • overcome powerful addictions,
  • develop coping skills,
  • improve focus and ability to carry out demanding tasks in exacting situations,
  • decrease the incidence of insomnia,
  • abate feelings of anger,
  • improve cardiovascular health and enhance the immune system,
  • reduce occurrences of negative or irrational thinking,
  • lessen anxiety,
  • raise levels of optimism,
  • increase the sense of connectedness and empathy,
  • enhance physical and mental aptitude,
  • increase general feeling of well-being and self-reported quality of life